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Dick’s Diggers provide tipper hire Sydney including tipper trucks for hire and truck and dog hire in Sydney.

The team at Dick’s Diggers offer a range of tipper trucks for hire options to serve as haulage solutions throughout Sydney and the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for material haulage and disposal options or require long term or short term tipper trucks for hire, Dick’s Diggers can provide cost-effective tipper truck rental Sydney solutions to exceed the needs of your project. We’ll work with you to create a tipper trucks for hire plan that works for the duration, specifications and needs of your site.

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Here at Dick’s Diggers, we’re able to offer a fleet of tipper truck hire with the ability to lift a variety of loads and be used in a range of different applications. Our semi truck hire Sydney includes:

  • 4t Truck Hire | Wet Hire | Dry Hire
  • 10t Truck Hire | Wet Hire | Dry Hire
  • 10t Bogie Tipper Truck + Dog Trailer Hire | Wet Hire | Dry Hire


  • Material Haulage – Typically, it is used to transfer loose materials from a construction site to a designated landfill. Examples of such materials are wood, concrete, glass, and metallic debris. A construction project’s debris generation increases as the project continues. In most cases, this waste is disposed of in an open area within the construction site.
  • Lifting and Shifting Equipment To and From A Site – This includes any additional equipment required to complete the task (such as additional gears to support, aid or anchor the equipment).
  • Truck Loading – This refers to the loads that are exerted on a finished or temporary structure during and as a result of the building process.
  • Concrete Slab Removal – Concrete slabs demolished may be collected on tipper trucks.
  • Demolition Removal – Concrete demolition technologies that are commonly used include bursting, breaking, disassembling, ball and crane, and explosives, among others. After which, will need to employ dump truck hire Sydney in order to clear out debris.

A tipper is a heavy-loaded truck chassis with a fully accessible bodywork that is used to transport bulk materials such as gravel, crushed rock, soil, and other bulk materials from one construction site to another. On aggregate/muckaway tipper trucks for hire, the body tips up to dump material, and the pivoted tailgate is either one piece (as on aggregate/muckaway tippers) or two pieces (on muckaway tippers) (on asphalt tippers). The asphalt tippers have a two-piece tailgate that helps to manage the amount of asphalt that is dropped into an asphalt paver hopper while also ensuring that the leftover asphalt in the body does not cool. The two-piece tailgate is frequently opened by an air cylinder, allowing the driver to remain in his cab while working on a potentially hazardous construction site.

In the world of construction, there is no doubt that tipper trucks for hire are among the most dependable machines on the job site. You also have the option of employing tipper truck rental Sydney, which eliminates the need to own and maintain the equipment. Whatever items you want to transport, a bogey truck can do it, quickly and efficiently. Bogie trucks are meant to move big loads to various locations without damaging the material. Some even transport smaller machines such as excavators, eliminating the need for separate trailers. As a result of its versatility, tipper hire Sydney may be found in a variety of industries such as construction and landscaping as well as machinery rental and waste management services. They may also be used for large-scale home projects; however, if it is a one-time activity, it is preferable to have tipper hire Sydney.

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When you need flexible options for your truck hire, turn to the team at Dick’s Diggers. To ensure we can meet the needs of all our clients, we offer both wet hire and dry truck hire. If you’re looking for a skilled truck operator to complete a range of haulage services, we have an experienced team ready to travel to you. If you’re just looking for a reliable and modern machine to be on your site when your operator needs it, have the peace of mind knowing that your truck will be delivered on time, every time. We ensure that all our trucks are routinely serviced and maintained to avoid delays and breakdowns on your site.

Are you looking for a tipper truck rental Sydney? We could guarantee ourselves as your great option!

We have a vast fleet of commercial trucks from which to pick, and we are proud to provide you with the best service possible. The majority of tipper trucks are utilised in the construction and service sectors, and they are particularly effective when moving large quantities of loose materials. They could be used to transport dirt or gravel to a building site, or they might be used to transport construction debris or plant matter to a landfill. Maintaining your own fleet of commercial vehicles may be expensive, especially if you only use them on an irregular basis. Tipper hire Sydney is a great option for businesses who need to transport away or deliver a single load of material but will not want a vehicle permanently. 

Tipper trucks, as opposed to normal pick-up trucks, are also far more convenient to work with. They are capable of transporting more stuff and are built to withstand significantly higher weight on a regular basis. Moreover, tipper trucks are equipped with hydraulic elements that allow the front of the truck bed to be raised, making it easier to pour out the material during delivery and unloading. And if you’d compare it, if you’d take things out of a pick-up truck with a shovel or gloves, the experience would be quite tedious. Therefore, tipper truck rental Sydney are clearly the greatest option for your demands and requirements.

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Our objective is to become your go-to source for tipper trucks with reasonable tip truck hire rates. If you have any concerns regarding truck and dog hire or dog trailer hire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, if you also need help scheduling dump truck hire Sydney, we would be the best fit for your needs.

Dick’s Diggers are located in Wetherill Park, New South Wales but are able to provide truck hire and material haulage solutions to a large service area. Locations we can move loads to and from include Campbelltown, Ryde, Parramatta, Monavale, Castle Hill, Mascot, Sutherland and Sydney. Talk to us today and we’ll organise an obligation-free quote with affordable tipper trucks for hire rates.