excavator rock saw hire

Dick’s Diggers offer excavator rock saw hire in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

When you need to cut through tough rock to complete your project, turn to Dick’s Diggers and our rock saw attachment for excavator. Here at Dick’s Diggers, a crucial attachment to our equipment fleet is our excavator rock saw hire service. Easily attachable to a range of excavator sizes, we use our excavator concrete saw to create precise cuts into rock and concrete which can then be easily removed from the site. If you’re looking for demolition, excavator rock saw hire or concrete removal services in Sydney, talk to the team at Dick’s Diggers.

excavator rock saw hire in Sydney

A rock saw works through the high-powered rotation of the saw blades and can be used in a range of different applications including cutting rock, stone formations, concrete, brick walls, timber and much more. We use our rock saw attachment when completing detailed excavation and demolition projects across Sydney. We utilise the excavator rock saw hire to make cutting through structures easy and safe. Other projects where we take advantage of the rocksaw includes basement digouts and piling foundation work.

PROFESSIONAL excavator rock saw hire OPERATORS

All dust suppression & sediment control techniques are always employed at all times. Our team are experienced in using rock saws to keep projects moving along safely and smoothly. We will use our rock saw attachment for the excavator to progress your project while also encouraging a zero-harm environment at all times. Another benefit of the rocksaw is that we can create smooth safe walls with very little noise or vibration which is ideal for eco environments and older structures. Talk to us today about how we can utilise the rocksaw on your next construction site.

The Dick’s Diggers team

We focus on providing safe and reliable equipment so that your project can run smoothly. Our rock saw attachment is of the highest quality and is a modern piece of machinery that has revolutionised how we remove and cut through rock and concrete. We also ensure that we maintain our rock saw through regular servicing.

We also ensure that a skilled and qualified demolition operator is onsite completing the services you need. This minimises air pollution as material movement is smoothly controlled by a professional.

excavator rock saw hire service areas

We’re able to provide excavator rock saw hire services all across Sydney including Campbelltown, Ryde, Parramatta, Monavale, Castle Hill, Mascot and Sutherland.