We offer excavator for hire services in Campbelltown, Ryde, Parramatta, Sydney and the surrounds.

Whether you’re taking on a bulk excavation or demolition project, Dick’s Diggers have the perfect flexible excavator for hire plan that will work for your budget and site needs. We currently have a fleet of excavator hire Sydney options, ranging from 1.7t excavator hire to 30t excavator hire. For smaller jobs, consider our small excavator hire Sydney; and for massive demolition, bulk excavation or asbestos removal jobs, we have our 40t excavator for hire.


At Dick’s Diggers, we take pride in every project we take on as if it were our own. We’re dedicated to providing your project, large or small, with professional, effect and safe excavator for hire services. Get in touch with us today to discuss the specifications of your project and we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Dick’s Diggers offer an extensive range of heavy machinery to meet your requirements. Our excavator for hire services, whether  dry or wet hire, includes:

  • 1.7t Excavator Hire
  • 3.5t excavator hire
  • 5.5t Excavator Hire
  • 14t Excavator Hire
  • 22t Excavator Hire
  • 23t Excavator Hire
  • 25t Excavator Hire
  • 40t Excavator Hire


When you hire an excavator from Dick’s Diggers, we ensure that you’re receiving quality and modern machines at competitive all excavator hire rates. Our excavators are well-maintained and are regularly serviced with strict maintenance routines in place. Rest easy knowing that we take care of our machines to help avoid delays and breakdowns on your site.

A talented team of excavator operators

Here at Dick’s Diggers, we’re all about creating flexible excavator attachment hire Sydney options to meet all of our client’s needs. If you’re looking for a skilled excavator hire and operator to complete a range of excavation services on your project site across Sydney, then Dick’s Diggers should be your first call. Our excavator operators have years of experience and are certified to work on your site.

If you’re just looking to dry hire an excavator, we can help you there too. We’ll ensure that our excavator turns up to your site on time when you need it.


The ability to complete fieldwork quickly and successfully is dependent on having the appropriate equipment and skills to perform the activity. An excavator is a complex piece of machinery that is used for excavating and moving big loads of material. The sheer number and diversity of excavators available might be bewildering, and it is critical to select the most appropriate machine for the work at hand. Excavators not only make the task easier, but they also complete it more quickly. Excavator rental is more economical than purchasing an excavator since it is less capital-intensive.


Looking for an exceptional excavator for hire? We got you!

We offer excavator wet hire along with dry hire options. So long as you are within reach, we can provide trusted for-hire excavator operator and excavators for reasonable rates. Check our excavator and operator hire rates.

Dick’s Diggers are able to provide excavator for hire in Campbelltown, Ryde, Parramatta, Monavale, Castle Hill, Mascot, Sutherland and Sydney. Talk to us today about the location of your project and we’ll create a suitable digger hire with operator solution for you.



We have a diverse selection of large or mini excavator and operator hire to meet all tasks. With next efficient customer service, you’ll never be short. Our wide range of machinery is available for both wet and dry hire. Talk to us now for all your excavator for hire needs and we’ll surely have one for you.


Renting an excavator is cheaper than buying one, especially if it will be used just briefly. Excavator wet hire rates depend on the excavator type, size, location, and duration. Compact excavators are more costly than mini excavator and operator hire. Hiring saves the renter money. Renting an excavator, an operator, and any necessary equipment from the same source may result in a lower total cost. If you only need a low-capacity excavator, small excavator hire Sydney is the place for you. Talk to us now and get a quote.


We have a thorough grasp of all sorts of projects, and we have a big fleet of excavator hire with operator available for you, allowing us to provide guidance tailored to your unique needs. You may also count on our team’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise to be of service to you.


Renting excavators companies want to acquire excellent equipment to stay competitive. They also work with highly skilled mechanics who keep the equipment in tip-top shape. Excavator designs and technology evolve rapidly. Hiring an excavator helps project managers to acquire more efficient equipment and it is more convenient to choose from the list of digger and operator hire rates provided. Our excavator for hire machinery are all well-maintained, so our clients are assured that it will not fail on the construction site.