Finding a company that offers tipper trucks for hire is one of the most useful services you can look for, regardless of whether you are a supplier, a contractor, or a construction company.

The successful completion of any given construction project in a manner that is both cost and time-efficient can be challenging at times; therefore, it is essential to choose which machine is best suited for your project. Tipper trucks, which are often known as “dump trucks” offer a variety of features that make them excellent solutions for a number of the requirements of your site.

Tipper truck for hire can be beneficial to your next project in a variety of different ways. Bogie trucks as one of the trucks available on truck and dog hire are convenient for the movement of a wide variety of bulky, loose goods all-around construction sites and further afield. It is practical to look for this service with an experienced driver if you want to cut down on both costs and the amount of time you spend working.

We at Dick’s Digger’s have worked on a wide variety of mechanical projects, spanning the entire range. Excavator contractors, excavator hauling, demolition, limited access, and civil works are some of the areas in which we focus the majority of our business.

If you’re new to this kind of service and you are looking for such, this is the right blog for you. In this blog, Dick’s Digger’s will be tackling the important things you should know when engaging with tipper trucks for hire.

What Can Tipper Trucks for Hire Do for You?

Tipper trucks, which can also be referred to as dump trucks, are extremely important machinery that is capable of performing a broad variety of tasks. The bed of a tipper truck is often quite large and quite deep, and it is utilised for the transportation of goods to and from building sites. Available tipper trucks for hire can transport a wide variety of loose and bulk materials. Some examples of these items are gravel, grain, dirt, sand, construction aggregate, asphalt, and wood chips.

What Kind of Tipper Truck Do You Need for Your Project?

You need to be sure that the service you’ll choose is suitable for the task at hand because there is a large selection of tipper trucks for hire that are available. The most appropriate truck for the job is a bogie truck when it comes to residential work or other operations. Following on from a bogie truck is the next level up, which is a truck and dog hire. This is because that both the dog trailer and the truck can be purchased in several different sizes and are very easy to manoeuvre around the site. These are the two most popular types of tippers that are utilised for less extensive operations that do not require a high volume of material turnover or a significant amount of area.

The next size up is the semi-trailer tipper, which is typically around 19 metres in length. These have a greater capacity than truck and dog tippers, but they are much more difficult to manoeuvre. As a result, they are most suitable for large open work sites such as road construction and large quarries. B doubles and road trains are the largest of the available rental options for tippers. These are huge trucks with significant weight capacities, and the only places you’ll see them in operation are on major construction sites and projects. If you need this kind of tipper truck it is best to have it along with experienced drivers coming from the same tipper truck for hire because certainly, they are already familiar with the machinery.

Do You Also Need a Driver Along with Tipper Trucks for Hire?

Before you get to settle everything tipper trucks for hire will always ask you if you need a driver along with the trucks. If you already know that you will require the hiring of a tipper truck with an operator, you should be prepared for reduced availability and a higher cost. Your hire will be covering the driver’s wages as well as the cost to run the tipper, and drivers are often more difficult to find than trucks.

Do You Need Plant Hire Aside from Tipper Trucks for Hire?

Finally, if you need any other plants hire in addition to tipper trucks, it is highly recommended that you check into the possibility of renting a combo. In the construction business, combos are quite popular because it’s common knowledge that if you need to rent a tipper truck, you also need to rent an excavator at the same time. Tipper trucks for hire typically have other plant, so even if they don’t specifically advertise that they offer combo rentals, you might be able to negotiate a lower price for the rental of one or more of their other machines.

A tipper truck and other earthmoving equipment can be rented together as a package, which is a great way to save money on the rental cost and deliver the plant that you have rented to its location. Due to how handy they are, combo rentals of tipper trucks and earthmoving equipment are utilised by a wide range of construction projects, from modest residential builds to large-scale infrastructure endeavours.

Our company has earned its name on customer service, and we take pride in running tipper trucks that undergo a multi-point safety inspection before each assignment. Aside from that, we have professional drivers who can help you efficiently complete any workload.

Dick’s Digger’s is dedicated to providing you with the service you deserve. If you require any of our services, please contact us immediately. We look forwards to serving you!